Suffering a drainage problem or burst water main? Expecting the whole area to be dug up? Not anymore!

Our 'no dig' techniques mean digging up broken drains are often a thing of the past.

We use the most modern practices and are setting new industry standards in order to bring you the very best drain repair solutions.

Drain lining offers a practical, no-mess solution to repairing many cracked drains. A chemically-soaked liner is inserted into the defective pipe and is cured in place to form a formed and watertight drain without the need to excavate the ground and expose the pipework. 

Not only does drain lining offer a mess-free solution to drain repairs, it also is less intrusive, much quicker and is cheaper than traditional excavation.

From a domestic localised lining repair to a chamber re-line, we will work hard to repair your drain wherever possible but will replace the drain if this is the only option. Depending on the nature of the problem, Drain Doctor Portsmouth & Southampton experienced technicians will identify the most appropriate solution to your drain repair problem.