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Some people love them others hate them! Which ever way it is with you, if you look after and treat the unit correctly it should give you a very good service. Unfortunately the unit is often mistreated and abused, which is why it fails.

The following is a list of important points to remember when purchasing the Saniflow of your choice

Electrical Isolation

All units should be connected via a fused or serviced spur.

Function of Unit

Dependent on the model used the unit will only work when the basin. Bath, shower or WC is used of flushed. Should you hear abnormal noises and/or the unit vibrates or the pump is working continuously, isolate immediately and call either the manufacturer or Drain Doctor Plumbing to discuss the problem . Unfortunatly the unit is often mistreated.

What can be flushed? 

Only body waste and good quality toilet tissue should be used with a Macerator type unit. Should any other products be flushed down the WC (i.e Sanitary products, condoms, plastic bags, toys, the list is endless!) the unit will eventually fail!

What chemicals can be used?`

Always read your Saniflow/Macerator handbook. Read the label on the products used to ensure that they conform to your handbooks requirements.

What chemicals are to be avoided?

No bleaches or corrosive chemical cleaners should be used. Clip-on toilet blocks may also fall in the pan and cause a blockage. 

Warning Notice 

A warning notice must be visible to ensure visitors are made aware that they are using a Saniflow unit. All new units are supplied with one.

Warranty Period

All units have a two year warranty so the manufacturers should be called within this period, for unit malfunction except blockages. 

RING 0800 068 0429 FOR SERVICE 





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