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Drain Doctor Plumbing and Drainage "Home buyers inspection" reassures you that you should not be suprised by any major repairs or emergency leaks. Obviously no 100% guarantee can be given as it is only a report based on evidence at the time it was carried out. 

Areas to be looked at include:

- All visible pipework and components (i.e without taking off panels, insulation, floorboards and covers) ranging from taps to coldwater storage tanks, kitchen sink wastes to   central heating radiators. 

- The central heating boiler will be turned on if power and gas is available.

- Radiators to be checked for heat and leaks.

- Thermostatic radiator valves will not be tested for functionality unless specifically requested (extra charge).

- The central heating boiler whilst working will be tested for carbon monoxide emmsions.

- No further inspection of the boiler will be made. Further inspection will be carried out if requested (extra charge).

To discuss the Drain Doctors "Home buyers inspection" speak to our CSRs who are waiting to assist and help you.

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