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1. In cold weather, insulate all exposed pipework to prevent them from freezing.

2. In the loft area ensure that the water storage systems are fitted by law 30 kits to prevent freezing and (b) to prevent ingress of foreign matter (c) which may prevent legionnaires disease.

3. Carry out a plumbing survey at regular intervals and keep your system in check. This will prevent dripping taps, ball valves and shower valves from turning into an emergency situation. 

4.Whilst having work carried out ask the technician to fit an isolation valve to the cold water inlet to the WC or any other appropriate part of the system, thus helping to prevent unnecesary damage to your home.

5. Have tags attached to all your stop valves so that they are easily recognisable (ie: hot, cold, main, stop valves etc) so you know where each of them is located.


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