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Our dedicated Drainage team offer you the following tips to help you reduce and even prevent blockages occuring.

1. Fat for cooking the 'Sunday lunch' or from the chip frier should never be flushed down the sink or WC. The reason is that as it cools, it will adhere to the side of the waste pipe gradually reducing the internal diameter - a blockage waiting to happen! See our "Enzyme Treatment" under "products" for a method of keeping fat at bay.

2. Do not try to use the WC to dispose of kitchen roll, disposable nappies or sanitary products.

3. Bath and shower wastes collect hair - So remove and dispose of it.

4. Do not allow food scaps to pass through the sink waste.

5. Keep sink and rainwater gullies covered to prevent leaves and foreign objects from collecting. 

6. Repair or replace corroded and damaged chamber covers to prevent ingress of debris.

7. Tree roots enter drainge pipelines through a weakness, cracks or damage lookiing for moisture. After unblocking ask the technician to carry out a CCTV Looksee free of charge to check your drain is clear from obstuction.


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