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What are the benefits of a Drain Doctor Plumbing & Drainage Maintenance Account?

" No up front fees - you only pay our reduced agreed rates when you need our

Account Manager
Someone dedicated who understands your needs and can resolve all your
queries or issues, efficiently and effectively.

30 Day's Credit

You choose the method most suitable for your business i.e. Direct Debit,
BAC's or cheque. All we ask is for you to settle your account within the 30
day period.

We are here to help you overcome your emergency maintenance problem.

Commercial Account Rates
We charge the same fixed rate for our jobs 24/7 with no call out charges even
for evening, weekends or Bank Holidays. Consequently our pricing policy is
extremely competitive.

Priority Service
Drain Doctor Plumbing attends many thousands of emergency calls each year.
Our commercial account customers take priority.

Fixed Rate

Holding our prices for one year helps you to control your budget.

Fulfilling your Required Procedures

As each companies procedures differ we are able to conform to your standards
and ensure a seamless transaction takes place and that we meet all your needs.

Booking A Job

Having received your Drain Doctor Plumbing & Drainage account details all
you need to do to book a job is call 0800 068 0492 and speak to our dedicated
sales team who will take all the relevant details.

Friendly Positive & Professional Service
We pride ourselves in being able to solve your plumbing and drainage
problem quickly, efficiently and with a service attitude that will make you
glad you called us.

Reputable Company

Drain Doctor Plumbing & Drainage commenced trading in 1993 and is the
largest full service Plumbing & Drainage company in Great Britain, and is part
of the Dwer Group. Drain Doctor Southampton and Portsmouth have been
trading since 1997 and as can be seen by our account customers logo's we are
experienced at giving superb customer service whilst maintaining our high
quality standard. In short Drain Doctor Plumbing & Drainage experience and
expertise would dovetail seamlessly with your companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Drain Doctor Plumbing & Drainage?
Do we offer Maintenance Contracts?
Can tenants book with you direct?
Can I have a copy of your Health & Safety Policy?
Can you fax me a copy of your Insurance Details?
Can we cover the other areas outside your Franchise area?
If not an account customer can I still use you?

Why Drain Doctor Plumbing & Drainage?
As we are one of the largest full service national plumbing and drainage companies in
the UK, our experience and expertise in the emergency and planned
maintenance field is highly sought after. Not only do we provide excellent value,
quality and service but our staff are on call to remove the thorn from your side,
quickly and efficiently 24 hours a day.
It is our policy through our quality assured BS EN ISO 9001 registered certificate to
ensure the continual improvement of the companies overall performance and to aim
towards fully satisfying the expectations and needs of our customers.

Do we offer Maintenance Contracts?
In addition to being on call to satisfy your emergency requirements our experienced
team carry out pre arranged maintenance to suit not only your needs but also at a time to suit your working enviroment i.e. out of hours if necessary.

Can tenants book with you direct?
Yes! Once you have given them our emergency telephone number we will only need a dedicated pre arranged order number.

Can I have a copy of your Health & Safety Policy?
These are available upon request.

Can you fax me a copy of your Insurance Details?
These are available upon request plus our technicians carry a copy in their price menu.

Can we cover the other areas outside your Franchise area?
As every Yellow Pages area is covered by a Drain Doctor Plumbing and Drainage Franchise work required outside of Southampton and Portsmouth can also be covered.

If not an account customer can I still use you?
yes,you can pay as you use our services by cash and credit card. 


For further information or to discuss how we may assist your company please contact

0800 068 0492




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